Adobe Illustrator Tutorial using Wacom Tablet

We will be going step by step through this Adobe Illustrator Wacom Tablet tutorial using the Blob Brush. This will be a very similar approach to other tutorials where we add on our brushes, expand, and then do a clean up process of all our overlapping lines.

I have been getting an overwhelming amount of requests for more tablet drawing, pressure sensitivity, and drawing for comic strip requests. The tablet tutorials are all about practicing and learning what you like to develop your own settings and workflow.

Most of my settings are very straight forward and default if you just got your tablet. In fact, most of the fancy aspects are set to disabled for my Intuos 3. (my 2006 birthday present) I use my keyboard for all of my illustrator shortcuts. If you have questions or requests on a future tutorial definitely put that into the comments section.

Blob Brush:
Turn off Keep Selected
Merge with Selection Turned On
High Fidelity toward Smooth
3pt Pressure with Variation set at 3pt

The goal with this workflow is to skip over our initial steps when using the pen and cartoon brushes and go straight into expanded clean up mode. You will notice the overlapping and the ugly phase right away. You can use the eraser and the shape builder to make clean up very easy.

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If you are new to the channel or a beginner at Adobe Illustrator, I highly recommend starting with our beginner playlists or longer challenge series.

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