Dad Sensed A Change In His Daughter— Found Clues On Her Tablet That Led To A Terrifying Discovery

There’s nothing quite like a parent’s intuition. One father in Michigan had a strange feeling about his daughter, whose behavior had recently altered. Rather than ask her directly, he let his suspicions guide him to where he thought he might find the reason: her tablet.

The names and other details in this story have been removed to protect the victim’s identity.

When he logged onto the device she used to share photos and chat with friends, he could not believe what he found. Those clues led him to a terrifying discovery. It left him devastated, but also armed him with a crucial message for other parents whose teens use social media.

Dad Scott was the patriarch of a young family, a family unit which included his wife and two daughters. One of his two offspring, who we’ll call G, had reached the time in her young life where she was old enough to use social media and messaging apps on her tablet.

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