Amazon Fire 7 (2019) | Should I buy this £50 tablet?

Unboxing and first look review of Amazon’s 9th-generation Fire 7 tablet, a £50 device that is certainly one of the most affordable of its kind. This 2019 model boasts faster performance (albeit still rather hampered), a bigger storage option and full Alexa support. But is it worth buying even at this low asking price?

Unlike previous generations, the 2019 Fire 7 comes in a choice of four colours, to make it a little more enticing. The specs are still basic, especially that not-quite HD screen. Kids won’t care, but anyone who wants a good picture when watching Netflix or browsing photos should perhaps upgrade to the Fire HD 7 instead.

Battery life is also rather limited, with just 5-6 hours of video playback at most from a full charge. And you’ll definitely want to grab the 32GB model of Fire 7 if you want to download lots of movies, TV shows and games.

Amazon Prime users get easy access to video, music and the rest, while Kindle and Audible fans will also have their library available from the main UI. All the same, with even budget smartphones now packing near-7-inch screen, is Amazon’s Fire range of tablets really necessary in 2019?

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