⭐ Best Note-Taking Tablet For Mobility – iPad Mini 5 + Apple Pencil

iPad Mini 5 + Apple Pencil is the Best Note-Taking Tablet For Mobility. I explain exactly why! Get iPad Mini 5 here: https://geni.us/AmazoniPadMini5 📲Get PaperLike here: https://geni.us/GetPaperLike
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⭐ eBook “Paperless Note-Taking Like a Pro” here: http://geni.us/eBook2018
⭐ PaperLike Screen Protector: http://geni.us/GetPaperLike
⭐ Noteshelf 2 ►AppStore: http://geni.us/AppStoreNoteshelf2

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►Get iPad Mini 5: https://geni.us/AmazoniPadMini5
► iPad Mini 5 Cover with Apple Pencil holder: https://geni.us/AmazoniPadMiniCover
►Get Apple Pencil: https://geni.us/AmazonApplePencil
►Get iRing to hold the iPad Mini 5: https://geni.us/AmazoniRing


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💻Here is the Equipment I use to live and work paperless: http://geni.us/Equipment

ℹ️ Note-taking app comparison table: bit.ly/AppComparisonTable

◾◾ My Top 3 Note-Taking Apps ◾◾

🥇 Noteshelf 2 ►AppStore: http://geni.us/AppStoreNoteshelf2
🥈 Notability ►Review: https://youtu.be/F20_HrhVcr8
🥉GoodNotes 4 ►Review: https://youtu.be/2GSpme0eEb8

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