Best Tablet Mount For DJI Mavic Air | Setup Guide

In this video I go over my favorite tablet mount for the DJI Mavic Air and how to install and setup for your flight using and iPad Mini or full size iPad. The Powerextra tablet mount for the Mavic Air is nice in the fact that it folds up into a very small package that can easily be stored in a backpack. It is capable of holding up to a 12 inch tablet.

How to use and iPad with the DJI Mavic Air

Tablet Mount (USA)
Tablet Mount (CAN)

Short Lightning Cable (USA)
Short Lightning Cable (CAN)

Other Mavic Air Accessories
Mavic Air (DJI Website)
Mavic Air (Amazon)
Cinema Series ND Filters for Mavic Air:
Mavic Air Landing Gear Extension:
Mavic Air Case:

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