Boat Navigation on the Cheap Using a Tablet and Navionics – Ep. 2

Day 2 of the sailing adventure. In this episode, we wake up after only a couple hours of sleep in a small cove in Virginia. We head south toward Norfolk and Hampton, VA. I also use this episode to share with you my cheap alternative to buying a dedicated chartplotter unit for the boat. #Sailing #svGiraffe

The portion on nautical charts starts at 3:40

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Cameras: Canon G7X; GoPro Hero 5 and 7
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

0:01 – Berlin by Andrew Applepie
1:34 – Renowned by Braden Deal
9:43 – The Greatest Escape by Mensch
11:40 – Apache by Incredible Bongo Band
12:00 – Renowned by Braden Deal

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