CES 2020 Dispatch 3 — Lenovo’s Foldable Tablet, Arcade 1up, and more!

See all of my #CES2020 coverage: http://lon.tv/ces2020 — In our final dispatch we take a look at two companies that have A LOT of new stuff: Lenovo and Arcade 1up. That plus a whole lot more! Index below:

00:26 — Lenovo X1 Fold
03:23 — Ideapad Duet
04:36 — Lenovo 740S Gaming Laptop
05:11 — Lenovo Boost Station eGPU Enclosure
05:56 — Lenovo Legion Y2525 Monitor
06:18 — Lenovo Keyboard
06:34 — Lenovo Slim Laptops
06:50 — Lenovo Slim AMD
07:19 — Lenovo Yoga 5G
07:45 — Lavie All-in-One
08:22 — Lavie Laptops
10:12 — Lenovo ThinkBook Plus
11:56 — Lenovo Smart Frame
14:16 — Razer Kishi
15:03 — Razer Sila 5G Router
15:32 — MyArcade Mini Cabinets
16:40 — Arcade1Up NBA Jam Cabinet
17:52 — Arcade1Up Star Wars Cabinet
18:37 — Arcade1Up PacMan Cabinet
19:00 — Arcade1Up BurgerTime
19:18 — Arcade1Up Giant Joystick
19:45 — Arcade1Up Star Wars Pinball Machine
20:12 — Arcade1Up Sega Cabinet
20:30 — Arcade1Up Micro Consoles
21:13 — Arcade1Up Portables
21:26 — Arcade1Up Plug and Plays
21:33 — GPD P2 Max
22:20 — Targus Qi Charging Backpacks
23:40 — USPS Informed Address
24:42 — Belkin Soundform Elite
25:30 — Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD
26:40 — Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
27:19 — Conclusion

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