How to FIX a broken/ cracked tablet screen- CHEAP!!!

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Hello Guys, in this video I will show how you can fix your tablet broken screen lass than $10. In this video I am using iball slide i701 tablet which I bought three years ago price around $40. so cheap but much better than anything at that price. Few months back the tablet fall from my hand and shatter the front glass. LCD was fine but glass was broken. So in this video i will share with you how I fix my iball slide i701 tablet screen (touch) / digitizer.

If your table LCD broken, not just only digitizer you also can fix it at cheap price. Just open your tablet and find the broken parts model number. and got aliexpress, or and search the part number if you lucky enough your will get your replacement
parts from above links.

If you guys face any problem fixing your broken screen let me know in the comment section below. thanks.

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How to FIX a broken/ cracked phone screen- CHEAP!!!

Well, at least make it useable.
Materials: 1) TAPE!!!

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