How to reset Chinese Android tablet

What’s inside a modern Android tablet?

Click here to see how to reset your smartphone:

In this video i will show you how to hard reset a Chinese Android tablet, step-by-step.

You might want to do a factory reset for your tablet if you cannot unlock it, or the operating system has gone bad.

WARNING: Hard resetting your tablet will delete all data and settings!!!

This procedure works for most Chinese tablets that have a power and a volume button only.

Just follow the 6 easy steps described in the video.


1. Shut down your tablet

2. Press and hold power button and volume up for 5 seconds and then release them. In some tablets you might have to press power button and volume down instead of volume up. Just try it.

3. Wait until the android service menu logo is displayed and then press the power button and the volume button once. Then you will get into the service menu.

4. Navigate using the volume up and down buttons and choose the option “factory reset”. Then press the power button to select it.

5. Using the volume buttons select the “yes” option and press the power button.

6. Now wait until the factory reset is done and select “reboot” option from the new menu that appears on the screen.

Wait until tablet is rebooted (it takes a while) and…


Now you have to reinstall your apps and settings, as if it was brand new.

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