Microsoft Surface Duo Folding Smartphone and Neo Tablet | First Look

Microsoft has answered the call from the faithful and announced a new Surface folding phone. It’s called the Surface Duo, and its existence effectively ends all the speculation about such a device, which has run rampant for years.

No. It’s not a phone, OK? It’s a Surface. At least, that’s according to Microsoft’s chief product officer Panos Panay, who introduced the Duo on stage during its October 2 event.

The company also unveiled a new vision of the future. Code-named Centaurus, and officially known as the Surface Neo, it’s a new class of device, a dual screen, book-like gizmo that folds and unfolds, and converts, and in general does everything you’ve been waiting for your laptop to do. The company also unveiled a phone (finally!) and a smaller, similar device called the Surface Duo.

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