Portable Art Tablet W/Screen – Simbans Picasso Tab Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Picasso Tab, an Android tablet made by a company called Simbans. The first 23 or so minutes are the review of the tablet itself, the rest of the video is about how the product was shipped (my incident) and their return policies. I talk a bit about who I think would benefit the most by having this item, some things I’ve noticed, things I like, and things I’m not crazy about…

I think I forgot to mention, or I wasn’t clear, that my first tablet arrived damaged, which is why I had a second one sent to me. There was a row of dead pixels. The second tablet was shipped in a similar fashion, but was not damaged. So I kept this second tablet for over a month and tested it to make sure it ran properly. I’ve had no issues with it, it works just fine. Still, a shame! But there are return policies and warranties that I do cover in this video. I also want to be clear that Amazon is responsible for the shipping of this product, not Simbans. So…THANKS AMAZON. :(

Also unrelated but…anyone know wtf is going on with that table at the end? I can’t figure out the proportions for the life of me! Why would anyone make a table with those dimensions? And …I used Youtube’s blur face ….editing thing… ONLY on Kara’s face… LOL It blurred the sky, my bag, Kara’s face, her butt and her backpack… I don’t know why. It looked fine in the previews. I:B THANKS YOUTUBE!

PRODUCT LINK FOR PURCHASE: https://amzn.to/2WG3s9f
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.simbans.com/picasso.html

Materials Used:
Simbans Picasso Tab

Larger Finished Image: –

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