Sew your Own Tablet Stand || Perfect sewing project for beginnners

In this video I’m going to show you how to make your own tablet or phone stand.
It’s basically a rice bag, or bean bag if you want. Rice or beans will add weight to the stand and will support your electronic device on different surfaces, like your bed or the sofa. On Etsy they charge you 15 dollars for this. I just bought a bag of rice for 2 dollars and used some fabric leftover from a skirt!
I also tried to make the rice bag as small as possible. I don’t like to have a huge bulky bag on my sewing table. That’s why the pattern piece is a little more complicated than some other tutorials. A rectangular pattern piece makes it bulkier.
Mix and match whichever fabric you like. You can sew different fabric scraps together. You don’t need a printed pattern. If you want, you can add a loop for your cable or to hang the stand on a hook, or add a bigger loop for a handle.
If you are looking for a project with a lot of sewing fun, this is not it.. It’s a quickie with a great result!

You can find more details and written instructions on the sewing blog

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