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The Xperia Tablet Z isn’t the first Android tablet to come out of Sony’s labs – but it’s one of the first to make us sit up and take notice. With a 6.9mm-thin, 495g frame, it’s as portable as a 7-inch tablet … but with a 10.1-inch “Reality HD” display, it’s officially a player in the big leagues. Add water- and dust-resistance to the package, and you’ve got a formula for a pretty intense slate – but is it enough to overcome the stigma of the Android tablet app problem?

Watch our full review to find out, and tune in to Pocketnow on the week of June 3rd for our full written review, followed by some comparisons and Tablet Z-centric episodes of the Pocketnow Weekly and the Pocketnow U-Review!

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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review | Pocketnow


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