Should You Buy a HUION HS611 Drawing Tablet?

Should You Buy a HUION HS611 Drawing Tablet?

Who needs a tablet like this? Today NihongoGamer takes a look at the Huion HS611 for us and talks about who would get the most out of a screenless tablet! Whether you’re just signing documents or drawing color illustrations, see how the HS611 performs today!

FULL DISCLAIMER: This product was provided by Huion for the purposes of making this video! Any opinions expressed in the video are entirely those of the artists in the video.

Finally, it works on Android!|Huion HS64 Drawing Tablet➡️


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US kamvas 16:

AU kamvas 16:

JP kamvas 16:

Software used: Clip Studio Paint Pro→

液晶タブレット 山口しずか使用
Tablet used by Shizuka Yamaguchi→

液晶タブレット GAOMON PD 1161

Produced by WAO Agency