Teach Maths Online with Wacom Tablet and Microsoft Whiteboard

Teach Maths Online with Wacom Tablet and Microsoft Whiteboard

In this video I will show you two tools which you can use to teach maths online. These are wacom intuos photo tablet and Microsoft Whiteboard. This tablet comes with a pen and is reasonably low priced and is not expensive like ipad pro or samsung tablets. Microsoft whiteboard is a a digital online whiteboard application which has tons of features and is easy to use. I will show you my wacom tablet and the features of microsoft whiteboard application. If you have some PDF,s your mathematics notes or some images, you can also use them to teach maths online

Microsoft whiteboard provides you an online whiteboard where you can format the background with various colors and grids. You have active pen option if you are using a tablet, you also have ink to shape, ink to table and object snapping features. You can write with a pen, you can chose any thickness and many colors available. You can insert shapes and when you draw an approximate shape, it will automatically detect the shape and draw the perfect shape. You can insert PDF, an image, a word document or a powerpoint document in Microosft whiteboard app. In this way you can teach maths online with ease and clarity.

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