Chromebook Tablet Mode Improvements

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The Pixel Slate launched to less-than-stellar reviews in part thanks to some serious animation jank present in overview mode on Chromebooks that has been present for quite some time. To be fair, this issue wasn’t just an issue with the Slate, but because of its status as a tablet first, the overview animations are a more prominent part of the user experience overall.

At this point in the Stable Channel on Chrome OS 74, the stuttering animations are still present when using overview mode and split screen, making even the Core i5 model we have in the office feel sluggish and slow when being utilize as a tablet. Let me be clear, however: when using a single app at a time, performance has never been an issue. Honestly, getting between apps isn’t really slow, either: it just looks terrible and gives the impression that the system is bogged down.

With Chrome OS 75, however, it seems the long-awaited remedy for this stuttering mess is finally being realized.

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